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Mommy watch me mob wives nude

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Do not worry, I am intelligent, discreet, but very much would like to find someone to write to. I'm looking for a friend, someone who I can go to lunch with and then head back home for dessert.

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Mob Wives: The Last Stand She sounds like a man mommy watch me mob wives nude been chain-smoking non-filtered Camels since he was two years old. Are we surprised by this diagnosis? This show was a guilty pleasure of mine until I watched one of the reunions. That couple from Philly talked about how the guy had been attacked in a nightclub, slashed IIRC, and the other "wives" sneered at them for getting the cops involved.

I suddenly wanted to see them all lined up against a wall. They're garbage people. What the fooook?! Tonight was crazy. That cunt Nommy turned everyone against Drita!

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Or is Drita full of shit? The way her husband talks with her makes me question a little.

Mommy watch me mob wives nude I Searching People To Fuck

mommu So sad about Big Ang closing the bar. Oh damn. Missed it. Will have to catch the rerun later tonight and check back later.

But Karen has always been a cunt. A rat from a long line of rats. Who the fuck are theses young twats? I don't wanna see a show about mob wives that's only mommy watch me mob wives nude the whitest Chinese girl fighting with Staten Island Barbie! I think Love is full of shit.

And I'm sure she's the one that planted some similar false info in Drita's ear and Renee is probably behind all of it.

Jan 22, Oh yes, my kids have come home asking me, "Mommy what's a sand . But I am tuning in every Sunday @ 8PM to watch Mob Wives on VH1. Nov 8, EXCLUSIVE: Hoopz Switches Gears To Take Down 'Mob Wives' Star In They wanted to see me really lay hands on this girl, but they are. Jul 16, You will see my new life ahead of me and me closing the door on my old The other day I was on the phone and she says, “mommy, mommy?.

And ten bucks says Renee was the one that ratted out Angela and got her bar closed. As much as she protests to hate rats, you know that bitch's cunt is infested with. R15, you have a lot good ideas. I think Karen the kunt hatched the story with Love. Mommy watch me mob wives nude could be jealous that Drita made a go with her ex and she seems happy enough in that lifestyle Carla looks like a fuck machine.!

I don't know what I would do if I saw her or Nat G in person. Prob ask if they give rides.

I Seeking Horny People Mommy watch me mob wives nude

A lesbian could not wvies friends with those 2! Calra's ex husband was sex on a stick I think that Diblin escorts is the most mature member of the cast, along with Karina, Karen's 16 yr.

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I know mommy watch me mob wives nude women were raised in an entirely different satch with a different mindset but I still have a hard time understanding their choices. Renee adores her son yet she said she'd accept never seeing him again before she'd ever rat out.

As staunch as Drita is about not ratting I don't believe sexy gold coast girls ever give up her kids for some man.

Storm and his wad of dollar bills!

Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo "Likes It Real" Interview | M.O.B. Wives

This show is so trashy but I love it anyway! Wtf with Mib pushing her young son to marry. What, is he even 20 yet?

I love the Big Ang but she just had a tumor removed and she's smoking??? Drita should just stab mommy watch me mob wives nude all or better yet have Brittney do the deed, since she don't got no kids. Oh, I'm using their poor grammar. Did you hear Carla's "ain't" popping out of her mouth.

So classy. What do you call them? White trash doesn't really fit. Big Ang has cut off all her hair! The Mob Wives star's cancer reportedly returned late last year, and she is starting chemotherapy treatments Mimmy really sad, R If the cancer has metastasized "throughout her body," I assume Ang is dying at this point.

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She is such a sweet lady. My best to her and her family. I'm sorta with another poster up-thread who said it was mommy watch me mob wives nude mild fun until they all went fucking batshit last season when it was revealed one girl called the cops on someone who beat her, or slashed her boyfriend or something, They all became her instant enemy. While most of this is low brow acting, their reactions were not.

They're all Escort richmond backpage trash.

That said, it's the only "reality" show allowed in the house and my partner's still watching it, and of course he gets mr sucked into it. We say it's because it's so trashy but I find we begin to form connections with these sluts. We're on team Drita, but I'm mommy watch me mob wives nude really sure why.

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All I know is that we root for Drita and then talk openly about mommy watch me mob wives nude wonderful it would be to see that fat Sammy the Bull daughter chick and Renee be doused in grease and lit ablaze. And Big Ang has what's coming to. She's interracial sex uk a happy, proud courtesan of nkde her entire life.

Mommy watch me mob wives nude

In the latest episode, we see glimpses of her true side when she doesn't have those buckets of non-taxed, unreported cash coming in from her shitty bar. She turns on her husband with the ferocity of a hungry komodo dragon.

She emasculates him on camera no doubt he's a low life too though and makes rubs her fingers together like a mob street collector telling him "I want the CASH Mommy watch me mob wives nude and he slinks out the door back to work.

You DO realize she's a drug runner, harbors murders and drug dealers, shuns people who cooperate with the authorities and likely has never paid wstch real dime of taxes in her life, all while making the most of whatever freebies the system hands out.

You realize this, right?

Oh, and the fact that aside from her cartoonish personality, she's a female mobster who'd likely have you killed if you got in her way. She's not the neighbor lady from the church supper Fraulina.

Wish her to get better, but she is no "sweet lady". She spouts hatred about anyone who cooperates with cops and are a "rat" yet goes batshit if someone calls her dad a rat. I love living in New Jersey. You get to see the real thing every time you visit a mall or an Italian restaurant.

Mob Wives | Donna Bobana

Will the lid on her coffin have to be modified to fit her breasts? She probably has the worst breath of all time. Cigarettes, coffee, and now rotting cancer flesh. Vive Grande Ang!!!

Yes, viva la granda Ang!!! I so want to do a show like this!

We are a fearsome bunch! Anyone have any contact with these people?

I've heard big Ang is a lovely woman. I feel sad for her that she lost her liquor license because of the publicity of the. These bitches xes girl fun, ne it's the time to end it.

Bringing in two new girls every season just to fight is tiresome. I used to see Renee at my nephew's little league games. Loud and fucking obnoxious.