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On the Yandere Simulator website and the January 3rd, Fun girl website, she has pale white skin with black veins coursing. She has white hair in pigtails with two long, thick wesite of hair hanging.

She has black, hollow eyes and giro mucus dripping out of her eyes and mouth. She wears fun girl website default school uniformbut colored black with a fun girl website neck tie, along with black stockings and shoes. In the February 8th, Build, the Fun Girl is shown as a pale, deathly white girl in front of a black background.

She has long, white, messy pigtails. She does not move, and wears a grin. Black mucus comes out of her mouth and eye sockets, pouring.

When the fun value is set toshe appears red rather than fun girl website. The Fun Girl can be found in-game by editing the Fun. Within the text, there is a single zero, which the player can change.

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If not changed, the game will run as normal. Depending on the number the player types, there will be fun girl website responses. Once a number is entered and the game is started up, the menu will not appear, but the black screen with the floating head. A text that depends on the number entered will appear slowly on the screen.

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The head will get close for a quick second jump scare before the game crashes. Only numbers and will work.

Through the texts, the Fun Girl will explain an experiment gone wrong where she was shattered across time and space where everything was still the same, except for the fact that she fun girl website existed.

After the February 15th, Fun girl website, she will not appear anymore. When the player starts up the game after doing this, Fun Girl will appear and tell the player that they can no longer add Osana. After this, the game will crash.

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If the player deletes the fun. When Fun Girl catches Ayano, the game will crash. When the player starts up the game after doing this, a red Fun Girl will appear and tell the player that fun girl website can no longer add Osana. As of April 2nd, Build, the fun. Setting the values as well as will give the player dialogue from Fun Girl.

After all the dialogue has been read, the game will crash. Here, along with information from Headmaster Tape 2, Fun Wife is dating while separated is implied to be Megami's Aunt 's twin sister from another timeline. It is unknown if Fun Girl is a canonical character within Yandere Simulator 's lore.

Putting "-front" after "aunt" in the URL will reveal the front illustration of said character. Setting the values as fun girl website as 69 and will give the fun girl website dialogue from Fun Girl.

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When the player starts up the fun girl website after doing this, Fun Girl will appear and prevent the player from doing so. If the Konami code is entered on the Yandere Simulator website's Character page, all profiles and images are replaced with Fun Girl's instead, wensite all information regarding her in question marks.

The page's color scheme will change to red and black, with static in the background. To revert it, the page must be refreshed. If the cursor is moved over to the full body image of Fun Girl, the screen will 'switch off' leaving nothing but a black screen on the website. Putting in the code again fun girl website causes the screen to shut off, followed by multiple Fun Girls appearing, glitching and flickering continuously, while the background changes from black to red.

Putting in the code again does fun girl website.

Fun girl website

There is a hidden video that can only be accessed after translating the binary found on the update video October Progress Report: This binary code translates to the video Fun. The fun girl website plays a full body image of Fun Girl but with frequent distortions and glitches as the video goes on.

A backward message is also heard throughout the video and when fun girl website, it plays a voiced version of the Japanese text from Fun girl's Yandere Simulator website information.

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You can access the video here: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Fun Girl Student Info. Contents [ show ].

Level Add an image. Add an image 4th Anniversary blog post. Add an image Yandere Simulator website.

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Konami Code 16 messages. Yeah sure. Yes, it is a undertale reference T Retrieved from " https: